Configuring your store

Follow these basic configuration topics to get your store up and running in OnSite. The basic configuration covers the essential settings for a working OnSite system.

Basic configuration

Set your backup schedule

Set your company preferences

Set your user privileges

Add users

Set the ID sequence for sales documents

Set currencies

Configure taxes

Define your locations

Create suppliers

Create classes and families

Configure payment processors

Set up your hardware

Set up your POS screen

Create products

Add customers

Set inventory levels

Advanced configuration

After you've done the basic configuration, you're ready to configure the software to get the most from Lightspeed OnSite. These topics help you streamline your workflows and add functionality and flexibility over and above what a standard configuration can achieve, and will help you save a lot of time and effort.

We recommend that you test your workflows after you configure the settings, to check that your reports, accounting exports, costing and pricing are behaving in ways that you expect. You can set up test products and customers for testing your workflows.

Create size and color sets

Create matrices

Create pricing levels

Set up warehouses

Create customer categories

Define customer groups

Set your terms of payment

Create Trackers and Smart Finds

Create custom fields

Set product information and selling prices

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