Creating pricing levels

Every product in OnSite, in addition to a regular selling price, can have up to ten alternate prices, called pricing levels, each with its own cost. Use pricing levels with customer categories to automatically apply a discount level to customer purchases. You can also use pricing levels and their costs in Set Selling Prices to make batch changes to prices or costs of products. See Costs & Prices for more information.

To create pricing levels

  1. In OnSite Store Master on the Tools menu click Setup > Products > Pricing Levels.
  2. Name your pricing levels to correspond with alternate prices, such as Education, Bulk Purchase and Loyalty.
  3. Choose Pricing Levels can set the Cost in addition to the selling price for a level if you want to offer a different cost for the pricing level.
  4. Choose Pricing Levels can be selected per Line item if you want to be able to access pricing levels in the POS and for line items.

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