Setting currencies

OnSite supports selling only in your own currency, but can handle ordering from suppliers who use other currencies. The primary currency used in your business must be set as the default currency with a currency rate of 1 and the currency rates of all other currency rates must be set correctly in reference to the default currency.

You can configure OnSite to accommodate several currencies, so that you can display costs and prices in the currencies of your choice. For example, if your store is in Amsterdam and you have a supplier in London, you can enter your raw cost and send your purchase orders in British pounds, and be able to view the calculated costs in Euros in your product cards and profit calculations.

To set the default currency

  1. In OnSite go to Tools > Setup > Advanced > Currencies.
  2. Set the primary currency used in your business as the default currency with a rate of 1. Choose the currency symbol from the list or enter it manually.

To set other currencies

To set the rates of non-default currencies, calculate how much default currency 1 unit of your non-default currency buys. For example, if your default currency is Euro (at a rate of 1) and you want to add British Pounds, click New and set the British Pound rate relative to 1 unit of your default Euro rate. If 1 Euro is equal to 1.21 British Pounds, set the rate for the British Pound currency to 1.21.

OnSite automatically uses the currency formatting settings on a local station. This setting can be different from other stations connected to OnSite and can differ from the server setting. All currency values are saved to the database in a common format, but the display can differ from station to station.

To set currency formatting

You specify currency format settings such as 2500.45 or 2500,45 in the system preferences your operating system. OnSite must be restarted on a station for the currency formatting changes to take effect.

On Mac OS X Mavericks systems, the currency formatting is set in Apple > System Preferences > Language & Region > Advanced. Depending on your OS the currency format settings can be in another area of system preferences.



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