Voiding an invoice

Voiding an invoice cancels an invoice that was incomplete, a mistake, or a test. This lets you mark the document as cancelled without removing it from the system. Voiding an invoice is not the same as voiding a credit card transaction.

Before you void an invoice, check whether these conditions apply:

  • Is there a gift card line item on the invoice? If it was generated as a test or by mistake, go to Cancelling a gift card.
  • Is the document marked with a green P or blue E in the bottom left corner? If so, this document has been finalized or exported to your accounting package. Go to Troubleshooting posted and exported invoices.

To void an invoice

  1. Reopen the original invoice. On the Products tab, highlight all of the line items and press the Delete key to remove the items from the invoice. This puts any inventoried products back into your inventory.
  2. Click the Payments tab, highlight all of the payments and press the Delete key.
    Note: You must have a Lightspeed OnSite admin password to delete payments.
  3. If a customer is attached to the invoice, click the x in the upper-right corner of the customer area to remove the customer. Walk-in information can be left as-is.
  4. Click Save.
  5. You now have a blank invoice that is free of line items and payments and not associated with a customer. Click the action menu (gear icon) at the bottom of the invoice and choose Void Invoice.
  6. Click OK to confirm voiding the invoice.
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