Modifying posted invoices

If you are unable to modify or make changes to a document, but do not see an error message about account privileges, check whether the document has a green P or a blue E in the bottom left of the document window. The P means the document has been posted and the E means the document has been exported to your accounting package.

  1. Reopen the document, click the Action gear at the bottom of the window, and select Post Invoice or Post Supplier Invoice. Click OK to confirm that you want to unpost the document.
  2. Reopen the invoice and note the disappearance of the posted or exported marking. Make the modifications necessary and re-save your invoice.
  3. If the invoice was originally marked posted, click the Action gear and select Post Invoice again to ensure it is reposted.
  4. If the invoice was originally marked exported, you may wish to check with your accountant or bookkeeper whether this document should be marked as exported again by clicking the Action gear and choosing Mark as Exported.
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