Making sales and returns with iPad POS

To make a sale

1. Create a new invoice

To begin a new sale, on the OnSite iPad POS screen tap New Invoice.

2. Add items to an invoice

  1. Tap the magnifying glass icon to search by product code or description.
  2. You can toggle OnSite iPad POS between standard search mode and button mode using the box icon and buttons icon on the left side. Button mode enables you to browse and select items by category.
  3. Tap a product to preview it , and tap + to add it to the invoice.
  4. Tap X to close the search window and return to the invoice list.
  5. You can remove an item from an invoice by sliding your finger from left to right on the product and tapping Delete.

3. Optionally use Show & Tell

With Show & Tell you can share detailed information about a product with your customers. Enter Show & Tell by tapping the eye icon when previewing a product in the right column of OnSite iPad POS.

  • With the eye icon (Show) you can swipe through the available images for the product you’re viewing.
  • With the bullhorn icon (Tell) you can view additional information for the product.

When you work in an active invoice click + to add an item directly from Show & Tell. When you're done, tap X to return to the home screen or active invoice.

4. Optionally add related products

  1. Tap a product to preview it in the right column.
  2. Swipe left on the colour-coded inventory status list to reveal any related products for this item.
  3. Tap a related product to add it to the sale.

Related items must be defined in OnSite to appear in OnSite iPad POS. Go to Setting up related products.

5. Optionally edit line items and the invoice

To edit a line item, tap the pencil icon to the right of a line item’s selling price. You can modify this line item’s description, quantity, discount, or editable selling price, if applicable for the product.

To edit the invoice, use the icons at the top of the screen.

  • Discount: tap the coins icon and select the $ or % sign and enter the discount for the entire sale. Tap the checkmark. Any items added to the Invoice after setting an Invoice must be discounted separately.
  • Tax code: tap the tax icon and select an alternate tax code.
  • Salesperson: tap the name tag icon to access the list of users.
  • Notes: tap the note icon. Tap Printed for notes to appear on the receipt or Internal to save a note on the invoice that's visible only to staff.

6. Add customer info

Tap the Customer icon at the bottom of the invoice screen and make a customer selection:

  • Walk In to record basic contact information without associating the sale with a customer profile.
  • Select Customer to search for a customer profile in your OnSite database. Tap + to add or > to view.
  • Create Customer and enter the contact info for the new customer profile.

7. Take payment

  1. Tap the Check Out button to proceed to the payment screen.
  2. Tap the appropriate payment method and enter payment amount and details. Tap Save to finish applying the payment to the Invoice.
  3. Give the customer their receipt and tap Finish.
To take a credit card payment
  1. Tap the appropriate payment method, confirm the payment amount and details, and then:

    1. Enter the credit card number manually.

    2. Swipe the credit card (with iDynamo card swipe).

    3. If you have a payment terminal configured, confirm or edit the amount and tap Continue. No signature is required using this method and you can skip ahead if the transaction is approved.

  2. Tap Process and wait for approval, then tap Dismiss.

  3. Sign using a finger or stylus in the signature field, then tap Done.

  4. Give the customer their receipt and tap Finish.

To hand off an invoice

You may need to hand off an invoice to use features not offered by OnSite iPad POS.

  1. Tap Hand Off Invoice.
  2. An invoice is dispatched to all POS stations logged into OnSite POS. The invoice appears in the Hold area at the bottom left of the POS window. Clicking the Hold marker activates the invoice so that a staff member can take cash payment or make other modifications to the invoice.
  3. Tap Dismiss to return to the home screen.

8. Print and email the receipt

OnSite iPad POS can print receipts only to a Star TSP receipt printer that is connected to your OnSite Server through a USB or printer sharing.

After you process the credit card transaction and the customer enters their signature on the iPad, tap Done. You can Finish Invoice, Email Invoice, or Print Invoice.

To enable printing
  1. Tap the gear icon on the home screen.
  2. In the Settings window, swipe the Enable Printing setting to On.
  3. Tap the Printer field, and then select the receipt printer.
  4. Tap the gear icon again to return to the home screen.
To email the receipt

You must have emailing receipts configured in OnSite.

  1. On the home screen tap Historical Invoices.
  2. Tap one of today’s invoices to reprint or resend, or tap the calendar to search for an older invoice and reprint or resend.

To process a return

  1. On the home screen tap the Historical Invoices icon.
    1. Tap any of today’s invoices to preview the invoice. Tap Return.
    2. For older sales, tap the calendar icon and search for the invoice ID. You can also scan the receipt barcode if you use the optional Socket barcode scanner. Tap Return.
  2. Every product sold on the original invoice appears on the return invoice. To remove an item that is not being returned slide your finger from left to right on the product and tap Delete.
  3. Tap Check Out to proceed to the payment screen.
  4. Tap the appropriate payment method to perform the refund.
  5. If you need to hand off the invoice go to To hand off an invoice.
  6. Finishing a return invoice without issuing a refund payment saves the value of the refund as a store credit. Add the customer to the return so that OnSite credits the customer.
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