Upgrading your OnSite version

If you aren't sure whether you should upgrade, check the installation prerequisites.

  1. Back up your OnSite database.
  2. Upgrading your version of OnSite involves upgrading your Lightspeed Server database. You can access your Lightspeed Server from Apple menu > System Preferences > Lightspeed Server. If you have more than one Mac with a Lightspeed Server, choose the one with a serial number that matches the one issued to you by Lightspeed Billing.
  3. From your server computer go to https://www.lightspeedhq.com/products/onsite/downloads/.
  4. Click Upgrade or Install for the OnSite version you want to install.
  5. After the Lightspeed Installer .dmg file downloads, it automatically opens the Installer window.
  6. Double-click Install Lightspeed Server and click through the steps. If you are upgrading to OnSite 3.7 or later, do not reboot your Mac after completing the upgrade.
  7. On the Apple menu click System Preferences > Lightspeed Server and wait until the status is Running before you log into OnSite. The Lightspeed Server can take some time to start, depending on the size of your database.
  8. Re-open the .dmg file and drag the Lightspeed client to your Applications folder.
  9. Launch OnSite and log in. It should remember the location of your database.
  10. Distribute the OnSite client to each client computer by logging into OnSite and allowing the auto-updater to automatically download the latest version of OnSite.
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