Uninstalling Lightspeed Server

To completely remove all components and data related to Lightspeed Server, Lightspeed provides a removal tool. This tool removes Lightspeed Server but leaves any backups for archival purposes. Since the tool removes all licensed and demo servers currently installed, Lightspeed recommends performing a backup on any licensed installations of OnSite before proceeding.

Important: Running the removal tool to uninstall Lightspeed Server does not release your license key. If you are moving Lightspeed Server to another Mac go to Moving your OnSite server.

  1. Download the Lightspeed Server Removal Tool.
  2. Double-click the downloaded file to expand the archive, if not done automatically by your web browser.
  3. Double-click Uninstall Lightspeed Server and click the Uninstall button, entering your user password when requested
  4. Restart the computer after the tool has successfully completed. This ensures that no components of the LightSpeed Server are running, and that they have been fully removed from the computer.
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