Upgrading your operating system

To upgrade your OnSite computer’s operating system, either for use with a specific version of OnSite for or any other reason, we recommend that you follow these steps to guard against potential data loss or downtime. If your current computer specifications are not compatible with the operating system that you want to upgrade to and you need to move your OnSite database to another computer go to Moving your OnSite server.

1. Verify system requirements and operating system compatibility

Before you upgrade your operating system, check that the operating system you want to upgrade to is supported by your version of OnSite, and that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for using OnSite. Go to Installation prerequisites.

2. Back up your database

  1. Run a manual backup of your OnSite database before making any major changes to your computer. Go to Running backups.
  2. When the backup is complete transfer a copy of the backup file to a hard drive on another device, such as a USB drive. Backup files are saved in Users/Shared/LightSpeed/Backups.

3. Upgrade your operating system

After you confirm the operating system’s compatibility with your computer and OnSite, upgrade your computer’s operating system as detailed by the manufacturer.

4. Upgrade your version of OnSite (optional)

If you need to upgrade your version of OnSite go to http://www.lightspeedpos.com/downloads/ to download a new version.

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