Making sales with OnSite Mobile POS

End-of-life Notice for Mobile App: The Lightspeed OnSite Mobile App is no longer available in Apple's App Store. The Mobile App will continue to function on iPod/iPhone devices running IOS 8 or earlierif you have it installed. The iPad App is still available in the App Store and will continue to be supported by Lightspeed.

1. Create a new invoice

To begin a new sale, on the OnSite Mobile POS screen tap New Invoice.

2. Add items to an invoice

If you use the Linea Pro, press the button on the right side of the sled to activate the unit’s scanner. Scan an item’s barcode to add it to the invoice. If you do not have a Linea Pro sled, follow these steps:

  1. Tap Add Product and search for a product code or description.
  2. Tap + to add the product to your invoice, or tap > to display a product’s inventory status. You can tap add from this screen.

You can remove an item from an invoice by sliding your finger from left to right on the product and tapping Delete.

3. Do inventory lookups

If you need to do an inventory check:

  1. On the OnSite Mobile POS screen select Inventory Lookup.
  2. Search based on product code or description, or scan a product barcode by tapping the right button on the Linea Pro sled.
  3. If OnSite finds a list of potential matches, tap a product in the list of search results.
  4. OnSite Mobile POS displays description, price, image, and inventory status. Tap Products to return to the results list.
  5. Tap Back to return to the home screen.

3. Modify description, quantity and discount

  1. Tap the product you want to edit.
  2. Tap the attribute to edit. Use the on-screen keyboard to modify the item’s description, quantity, or discount by specifying % or $.
  3. Tap Save.
  4. Tap Invoice to return to the Invoice layout.

4. Add customer Info

Tap the Customer icon at the bottom of the invoice screen and make a customer selection:

  • Walk In to record basic contact information without associating the sale with a customer profile.
  • Customer to search for a customer profile in your OnSite database. Tap + to add or > to view.
  • Add Customer and enter the contact info for the new customer profile.

5. Adding Notes

  1. Tap Notes.
  2. Choose Printed for notes to appear on the receipt or Internal to save a note that is visible only to staff on the invoice.
  3. Enter the notes you want to record for the invoice.
  4. Tap Items to return.

6. Take payment or send invoice to POS

Tap the Pay button at the top of the invoice detail screen.

To take a credit card payment

Credit card processing is handed off to your OnSite Server Mac. Your OnSite Mobile POS device does not communicate directly to the payment processor.

  1. Tap the credit card type to continue. You must have OnSite’s integrated credit card processing configured through a supported payment partner.
  2. Swipe the card with the magnetic strip facing up and to the left. After the information is entered, select Process. Or, you can choose Manual and enter the card number and expiry using the on-screen keyboard.
  3. Tap Process.
  4. Lightspeed OnSite completes the credit card transaction. Tap the Signature button and have the Customer sign the blank space using their finger or a stylus.
  5. Tap Done.
To take other payment methods

If payment is by a method other than a credit card, or if you are not processing credit cards through OnSite, tap the Use Other Payment Method button.

An invoice will be dispatched to all Macs currently logged into the OnSite POS. The invoice will appear in the Hold area at the bottom left of the POS window. Clicking the hold marker activates the invoice and lets a staff member take cash payment or make other modifications to the invoice.

Tap Complete Transaction to be returned to the home screen of OnSite Mobile POS.

7. Print and email receipts

  1. After the customer signs for their credit card transaction, tap Done.
  2. Tap Email Receipt and/or Print Receipt to provide a customer copy. The initial printed receipt is intended as the customer copy and does not display the customer’s signature. You can reprinting the receiptif you require it for proof of purchase.
  3. Tap Finish Invoice to continue.

To configure email receipts from OnSite Mobile POS, see Configuring Email Receipts. For printed receipts, ensure a Star TSP printer is connected to your OnSite Server. A network-accessible TSP printer can also be shared from your OnSite Server.

To assemble the Linea Pro sled

To install an iPod Touch or iPhone into to the appropriate Linea Pro sled model:

  1. Remove the smaller top section from the larger bottom section of the Linea Pro sled.
  2. Slide the iPod Touch or iPhone into the larger bottom section until it fits firmly in place.
  3. Fit the clip of the top section into the corresponding slot of the bottom section, and click it into place.

If your Linea Pro does not charge correctly, see Using the Linea Pro sled

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