About OnSite iPad POS

Lightspeed OnSite iPad POS brings the Lightspeed point of sale experience to Apple’s acclaimed tablet platform. The app transforms iPad into a point of sale that connects to your Lightspeed server database.

With OnSite iPad POS you can:

  • process sales and returns
  • process payments and take signatures if you have integrated credit card processing activated in OnSite to take credit card payments
  • email receipts, or print them to a Star TSP receipt printer connected to your Lightspeed Server
  • use Show & Tell to share detailed product information with your customers.
  • perform live inventory look-ups


  • iPad or iPad Mini.
  • OnSite for Mac 3.7 or later. Check the requirements on App store before upgrading Lightspeed OnSite iPad POS to confirm compatibility.
  • OnSite for Mac must be accessible on a Wi-Fi network.

Using OnSite iPad POS outside your store

If you want to connect to your OnSite Server from outside your store or through the cellular network, Lightspeed Support recommends configuring a virtual private network (VPN) for secure access to your data. For reasons of PCI compliance, Lightspeed Support can't assist you with network configuration. Contact a Lightspeed reseller if you need help configuring a VPN.

User licenses and OnSite iPad POS

Lightspeed licensing is based on concurrent users, whether logged in from OnSite, OnSite Mobile POS, or OnSite iPad POS. For example, purchasing OnSite with a three-user license lets three users log in concurrently from any combination of devices: three Macs, or two Macs and one iPad, or two iPads and one Mac. User licenses are not tied to a device, so logging out of a device frees the license so that you can log in from another device.

Add-on hardware and accessories

iDynamo card swipe. The iDynamo is available only from Axia and Cayan. This accessory connects through the dock connector and is not yet available for late–2012 iPad models with Lightning connector.

uDynamo card swipe. The uDynamo is available only from Cayan. This accessory connects through the device's headphone port, so it is compatible with both iPad 2 and newer devices, including iPad Mini.

For compatible payment terminals go to Installing hardware. If you use a Banksys Xenta terminal you must hand off invoices to a Lightspeed POS to complete payment.

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