Setting quantity discounts

OnSite automatically modifies the price of a product when it is sold in a quantity that is pre-defined in the product card. For example, you can sell a 10-pack of DVDs at $14.99, but offer a $1 reduction when a customer buys a quantity of 10 10-packs.

Quantity discounts work with pricing levels. You can create a maximum of 66 pricing levels. For example, if you have a pricing level of $12.99 for Education, you can set a price of $10.99 for a quantity of 10. When the product is sold, the selling price automatically changes based on quantity.

To set quantity discounts

  1. In OnSite StoreMaster open the product you want to work with and beside Selling Price click the ellipsis beside the Selling Price.
  2. In the top row of the Quantity Discounts grid enter the quantities that trigger the corresponding price when the quantity of the product is sold. Using the DVD example, you enter a quantity of 10 and a price of 13.99.

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