Setting up OnSite iPad POS

OnSite iPad POS requires no setup or configuration in OnSite.

  1. Download OnSite iPad POS from the App store.
  2. Launch OnSite iPad POS and tap the Server field. Your OnSite Server is listed. If it is not, verify your network connectivity.
  3. Enter a username and password.
  4. Tap Connect.

Home screen

The OnSite iPad POS home screen has three main options:

  • New invoice: add products, customer info, and complete the sale.
  • Search: perform an inventory or customer lookup.
  • Historical Invoices: select any of today’s invoices, or search for an older Invoice, and issue a return, re-print the receipt, email the receipt.

Settings icon

The gear icon on the OnSite iPad POS home screen gives you access to these settings:

  • About: displays the version of OnSite iPad POS and the OnSite Server database you’re connected to.
  • Station name: name this device to identify it in your sales reports, for example Mobile POS 1.
  • Terminal: pair this iPad to your payment terminal. See How to pair Lightspeed OnSite iPad POS with a payment terminal for more information.
  • Enable printer: on/off.
  • Printer: OnSite iPad POS can send receipts to a Star TSP receipt printer that is connected to your OnSite Server through a USB or printer sharing.

Log out

Tap the arrow icon to log in with another username and password.

Show & Tell

With Show & Tell you can share detailed information about a product with your customers. Enter Show & Tell by tapping the eye icon when previewing a product in the right column of OnSite iPad POS.

  • With the eye icon (Show) you can swipe through the available images for the product you’re viewing.
  • With the bullhorn icon (Tell) you can view additional information for the product.

When you work in an active invoice click + to add an item directly from Show & Tell. When you're done, tap X to return to the home screen or active invoice.

How to pair OnSite iPad POS with a payment terminal

With a supported payment terminal, OnSite iPad POS can process payments directly without handing off the sale to a POS station. To pair OnSite iPad POS you must have integrated credit card processing configured through a supported partner. See Installing hardware for the supported terminals. If you use a Banksys Xenta terminal transactions must be handed off to a POS station.

  1. Tap the gear icon at the bottom of the OnSite iPad POS home screen.
  2. Tap Terminal and select a terminal from the list of payment terminals.

How to connect Socket scanner with OnSite iPad POS

  1. Turn on the Socket scanner by pressing and holding the power button. See your Socket scanner documentation if you have issues charging or powering on the scanner.
  2. Scan the command barcode for iOS Mode included in the Socket scanner user manual. This is important to ensure the iPad’s on-screen keyboard is not triggered when scanning.
  3. From the home screen on your iPad, tap Settings > General > Bluetooth.
  4. Turn Bluetooth on (if it is off) and look for iOS Socket in the list of discoverable Bluetooth devices.
  5. Tap iOS Socket in the list to pair it. It should now say Connected in the list.
  6. To test the scanner log in to OnSite for iPad and scan a UPC or an OnSite-generated label.

How to connect iDynamo card swipe

  1. Slide the iDynamo connector into the iPad’s dock connector, making sure the fit is snug.
  2. OnSite iPad POS is now ready to swipe credit cards when processing a sale.

How to connect the Infinea Tab

OnSite for iPad supports the Infinea Tab 2 and 4 for processing credit card transactions through Cayan or Axia. To connect the Infinea Tab, attach it securely to your iPad via the dock connector. The Infinea Tab User Manual is available on the Infinite Peripherals website.

What to do if Socket barcode scanner for iPad adds an unwanted 0 to scanned barcodes

The Socket barcode scanner supported for use with OnSite for iPad supports both the 12-digit UPC-A barcodes commonly used in North America and the 13-digit EAN-13 barcodes commonly used in Europe. If your Socket scanner adds a 0 at the start of your scanned barcodes, you can reset your scanner to the North American UPC-A format.

  1. Print the factory default and iOS barcodes below.
  2. Power off the Socket scanner and then power it on.
  3. Scan the factory default barcode. This powers the scanner off.
  4. Turn on the scanner and scan the iOS barcode.
  5. Pair your Socket scanner with your iPad.

Factory default barcode

iOS barcode


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