Troubleshooting Count Inventory errors

If an error message is displayed when you imported inventory counts from a spreadsheet, you can check the text file inventory_count_import_log.txt on your desktop that lists any entries in the spreadsheet that could not be added to the count.

There are four possible causes for this error:

Product does not exist or UPC not found The scanned code does not correspond to a product in the OnSite database. This can happen if the product is not yet created in OnSite or does not have a corresponding UPC entry in the product card.
The spreadsheet contains Multi-Store data You cannot use label barcodes based on Multi-Store label codes for spreadsheet import into Count Inventory. We recommend building a count inventory spreadsheet that includes product IDs, product codes or UPCs.
Barcode scanner issues or damaged labels Damaged product labels and misconfigured or malfunctioning barcode scanners can result in unusable output in your spreadsheet. Open the inventory_count_import_log.txt file on your desktop and compare the contents with your OnSite product listings for discrepancies. If your barcode scanner isn't scanning labels or barcodes, see Troubleshooting a barcode scanner.
Fields not matching The first column in your inventory count spreadsheet should be product ID, product code or UPC, and Import Inventory Count matches on should be set to Match. If one of the fields is not set to match, OnSite will not be able to import the file into Count Inventory.
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