About OnSite with eCom

Lightspeed OnSite with eCom enables brick-and-mortar retailers to launch online stores that are fully synced to their existing Lightspeed OnSite systems.

The OnSite with eCom integration enables you to:

  • Create an online store from within Lightspeed OnSite in a few clicks.
  • Quickly upload products, photos and product information from Lightspeed OnSite to Lightspeed eCom.
  • Have a unified view of your inventory.
  • View all sales data at once by synching your online sales with OnSite.

Here are some important considerations:

  • Lightspeed OnSite with eCom must be provisioned on your account before you can use it. Please contact Lightspeed Support for more information.
  • Lightspeed OnSite with eCom creates a new eCom store. It's not possible to merge an existing eCom account with Lightspeed OnSite.
  • None of your OnSite with eCom content will be lost if you upgrade to a full subscription from a trial.
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