Running comission reports

You can use ReportMaster to do basic commission calculations using the commission sales report template. After you specify a date range, commission rate, and other options, you can save the report as a custom report, print it, or export it to use in another application. These instructions are for OnSite 3.7 and later. If you are use a version of OnSite older than 3.7, commission reports are found at Tools > Reporting, in the Commission category.

1. To access the report

  1. In OnSite StoreMaster on the Tools menu click ReportMaster
  2. From the Sales category select the Commission report template.
  3. Click the More Options arrow to expand the report options.
  4. Set the date range, for example This Month or This Week-to-Date, sorting, and grouping for the report.

2. To set the rate and commission exemptions

  1. In the filters section of the report options window, click the first list and choose Commission Rate.
  2. Set the second list to Equals.
  3. Enter the commission rate in the text field to the right. The commission rate is expressed as a percentage of an item’s selling price.
  4. Click + to add another report filter. This second report filter can be used to prevent commissions from being calculated on shipping or a range of ineligible items. Report filters such as Code is not SHIPPING or Class is not gift cards are both valid choices.
  5. Save, print, or export the report.

3. Set different commission rates on different items

OnSite sets only one commission rate per report. However, your business can offer a variable commission rate, with higher commissions on fast-selling, high-margin items and lower commissions on low-margin, low-turnover items. You can customize the commission report filters to include or exclude items by setting a report filter for commission rate and one to filter products. Several reports, each calculating commissions on a range of products, can be produced, exported, and aggregated to determine the total commission payouts to staff members.

Examples of report filters
  • Class is headphones: this report calculates commission based on sales of headphones.
  • Sell is greater than 10.00: excludes low-priced products from commission calculation.
  • Discount equals 0: if you want to offer commission on un-discounted items only.
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