Updating customer tax codes

When you add a customer to OnSite they are associated with the default tax code. If you create a new tax code to correspond to a new tax rate, you can batch change your customer records to ensure that sales for these customers are processed using the correct tax code.

  1. Back up your database. In OnSite StoreMaster on the Tools menu click Utilities > Backup Database.
  2. When the backup is complete on the Tools menu click Export > Customers.
  3. In the Exporting Customers window drag the Customer ID and Tax Code fields into the right column. These are the only two fields you need to export.
  4. Save the file and open it in a spreadsheet application such as Numbers or Excel.
  5. Use Find and Replace to replace the old name of the tax code with the new one, such as replacing CA11 with CA15, and save the file as a .CSV (comma-separated values) or .TXT (tab-delimited text file) or, if using Numbers, export the file as a .CSV by going to File > Export.
  6. In OnSite StoreMaster on the Tools menu click Import Tools.
  7. Click the Open File button at the bottom of the Import Tools window.
  8. Drag the Customer ID (Matching Only) and Tax Code fields up or down in the right column so that they match the spreadsheet fields from left to right. Ensure both checkboxes are selected in the Import column.
  9. With the Browser slider all the way to left, click the Omit This Record checkbox to omit the column headers.
  10. Under Options, set the selectors to read Update Customers matching on Customer ID.
  11. Click Import.
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