Doing layaways

You can offer customers the ability to put items on layaway. This is a useful way to let shoppers pay for an item in instalments. A layaway can apply only to products that are in stock.

To put an item on layaway

  1. Create an order. Add the customer to it, or create a new customer to attach to the order.
  2. Add the products the customer wants to place on layaway.
  3. Click Save. OnSite will prompt you to to reserve in-stock inventory.

This item is now reserved for this customer and cannot be sold unless you cancel the layaway.

To take deposits and finish the sale

  1. Any time the customer wants to make a deposit towards their layaway, reopen the order and navigate to the Deposits tab.
  2. Click the appropriate payment method and enter the payment amount. Click Save. The deposits total is listed between the deposits and the invoice total.
  3. When it’s time to finish the sale, click the Invoice button in the Order window.
  4. Save the invoice. On the Payments tab, click Apply Credit and apply any and all deposits from the order to this invoice.

The invoice should now be fully paid, and the item is considered sold and deducted from inventory. You are not required to take deposits on the order. You can simply invoice the order and make payment in full if the shopper is paying for the layaway in one payment.

To cancel a layaway

To cancel a layaway

Cancelling a layaway does not remove any deposits. If you need to refund deposits go to To cancel and refund a layaway.

  1. Reopen the order.
  2. Click the orange reservation bubble and select Release and Cancel Request of this Product.”
  3. Save the order.

To cancel and refund a layaway

  1. Reopen the order.
  2. Click Invoice to generate an invoice. Save the invoice.
  3. In the Payments tab, click Apply Credit and apply the credits from the order to this invoice. Save the invoice.
  4. Click Return to generate a return invoice, and save it.
  5. In the Payments tab, process any refund payments. For credit card refunds, retrieve the original authorization numbers from the Deposits tab of the order to authorize the refund.
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