Exporting customer email addresses

You can export customer email addresses for use in another application, such as an email blast service. Customer groups allow you to target particular segments of your customer database for marketing purposes. You can quickly include groups of customers in your export by defining and assigning Customer Groups. Selecting Customer Groups in the Smart Find window when exporting email addresses allows you to quickly include these groups.

  1. In OnSite StoreMaster click Customers in the left column.
  2. Click Smart Find at the bottom of the browser window.
  3. In the Customer Smart Find window, change the first row to contain Email contains and put the @ symbol in the empty field to the right. This search will export only those customer records who have an email address in OnSite.
  4. Choose any additional criteria. For example, if you want to export only the email addresses of new customers, click the Created Anytime list and choose a date range.
  5. If you have customer groups set up, you can select the checkboxes to include or omit customers who are members of those groups.
  6. Click the Export button. In the Exporting Customers window, choose the fields you want to include in your export by dragging them from the left column to the right column. You can choose to include only the Email field but you can also choose to include name or telephone number fields if you want to use this data in other ways.
  7. Click the Export button, choose a name and a location for your file and click Save.
  8. This file is an ordinary tab-delimited .txt which can be opened in Excel, Numbers, or another compatible application.
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