Creating a PO from a text file

You can compile a purchase order in a spreadsheet, save it as a text file, and then import the contents into a blank PO. This helps streamline creating large purchase orders.

1. To prepare the file

Save your spreadsheet in tab-delimited text (TXT) or comma-delimited values (CSV) format before importing. Your PO spreadsheet must meet these guidelines:

  • Make sure you’ve added all your items to OnSite because importing a PO doesn’t create new products.
  • One PO can order products from only one supplier. Make sure that each product in the spreadsheet has a supplier code and cost for this supplier in OnSite.
  • Make sure the spreadsheet columns are in this order:
    • Column 1: product ID, product code, UPC
    • Column 2: quantity
    • Column 3: Cost (optional, used only if you want to override the costs listed in your product cards).

2. To import the spreadsheet

  1. Create a new PO and add the supplier.
  2. Click the Action gear and select Import PO from Text File.
  3. Click Open File. Browse to your file and click Open.
  4. Verify the columns are in the correct order.
  5. Verify Import PO matches on is set to the same product attribute. If you are using product code in your file, make sure the list is set to Product Code.
  6. Caution: select the Cost box only if you want the costs in the file to override your default costs.
  7. Click Import and save the PO.
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