Creating coupons and vouchers

You can create coupons and other special line items that represent vouchers or promotions. These items represent a dollar value. If you want to offer a percentage off, process a percentage discount as part of a sale in OnSite POS or StoreMaster.

  1. Create classes for coupons and vouchers. In OnSite StoreMaster on the Tools menu click Setup > Products > Classes. Create a new class for coupons and vouchers. This ensures that coupon and voucher products can be reported on by class and do not affect the sales totals of any of your other classes.
  2. Create new products to represent coupons and vouchers. In OnSite StoreMaster on the File menu click New Product.
  3. Choose a product code that describes your coupon, for example, Summer Sale Coupon.
  4. Set the tax status for the coupon. Consult your local tax authority for coupon taxation laws in your area.
  5. Clear the Inventoried checkbox.
  6. If the coupon will always have the same value, such as $10.00, make the selling price −10.00. If the value of the coupon or promotion varies, leave the selling price field blank and select the Editable Selling Price checkbox.
  7. Save the product card.
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