Issuing a store credit

When you do a refund for store credit you process an return but do not issue a return payment. Add the customer to the return invoice so that the credit is associated with their account. To issue a one-time store credit that is not tied to a return, such as a courtesy or special promotion for valued customers, you create a store credit product and a credit invoice.

  1. In OnSite go to File > New Product and create a new product.
  2. Make the Product Code Store Credit, or whatever you like.
  3. Set the Class to whatever you use for miscellaneous products. Alternately, create a new class for store credits at Tools > Setup > Products > Classes.
  4. Set Tax Status to No Tax.
  5. Clear the Inventoried checkbox.
  6. Select the Editable Selling Price checkbox and save the product card.
  7. Create a new invoice and add the customer. To create a new customer go to File > New Customer.
  8. Add the store credit product and give it a negative selling price corresponding to the value of the credit you're giving the customer. For example, to give the customer $25.00 store credit, make the selling price −25.00.
  9. Save the invoice and note its credit status.

When the customer wants to use their credit, add the customer to a sale and add products. On the Payments screen the Apply Credit button will be available and you can use however much of their credit that the customer wants to use. When all credit is used, the invoice on which the credit was initially issued will change to a Paid status.

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