About returns and exchanges

When you process a return or refund payment in OnSite, the original sale invoice isn’t canceled or removed. Instead, the return is processed on a second invoice, which appears as a reverse sale. OnSite tracks sales and returns on separate documents so that you know when a return is performed, and by whom. OnSite can also track store credits that result from an unrefunded return invoice.

Return Inventory comes back into stock
Refund A payment that returns the customer's funds
Exchange One or more products are returned to stock and other products are sold at the same time

Check with your payment processor to determine what their requirements are for processing a credit card return through OnSite. Are the original card details required when processing a refund? How does your processor handle same-day refunds? When you contact your payment processor, try to speak to a representative who is familiar with Lightspeed OnSite.

Inventory handling

A line item with a positive Qty indicates it is leaving your inventory.

A line item with a negative Qty indicates it is being returned to your inventory.

Associating returns with customers

If your business has a detailed returns policy, add the customer to the return to help you track returns. Some tasks, such as doing a return for store credit, require that a customer is associated with a return so that OnSite knows whose account to credit.


Credit card refunds that are processed before the payment is settled with the processor are processed by clicking the Void button instead of the Refund button. Check with your payment processor to determine their requirements for voids or same-day refunds.

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