Giving discounts

There are four ways that you can sell products for less than their standard selling price.

  • Edit the sell price on sales documents. If the product has the Editable Selling Price option selected in its profile, you can click the Sell Price field and alter the price by entering a different value.
  • Click the Discount column and discount a product by dollar amount or percentage, or by choosing the Apply Discount option from the document’s Action gear to discount all products on the document.
  • Apply a discount based on a pricing level. If the product has at least one pricing level set up in its Options tab, an icon appears beside the product when it is added to a quote or invoice, and you can choose a pricing level for the product. If you don't have any pricing levels set, the icon doesn't appear.
  • Set a customer category for your customer and choose an overall discount for this customer’s purchases. To do this, go to Tools > Setup > Customer Categories, and choose a category or create a new one, and assign the category to the customer in their profile.
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