Creating quotes

  • Quotes and invoices are the beginning and end of the OnSite sales workflow.
  • OnSite's drag and drop document creation, one-click document conversion, and streamlined backorders speed your sales process.
  • Invoices and quotes have tax, costing, and printing options.
  • Money taken on a quote is a deposit. Money taken on an invoice is a payment.
  • You can apply deposits to invoices as payments to change a customer’s accounts receivable balance.
  • Customers must have a customer card to track balances owing, credits, and purchase history.
  • You can post invoices to finalize them for accounting export, or void them.

The standard workflow in OnSite is to create a quote, which gives your customer basic pricing information. If the customer puts a deposit on the quote, you then convert the quote to an invoice when the customer takes the product home, and the deposit gets applied to the invoice. If a product is not in stock or you want to reserve a product for a customer, you convert the quote to an order, which becomes an invoice when the customer takes the product home.

Quote walkthrough

1. Add a customer to the quote

If you do not want to add the customer to your database, you can add them as a walk in and include as much identifying information as you like. If the customer is in your database, type a few letters of their name, their address, or their telephone number in the search bar, or click All, and choose their name from the list. If it is a new customer, click +, enter their information and click Save. When asked if you want to reload the customer information in the document, click OK.

2. Add a product

To add product to a quote, you can scan its UPC, type a few letters of its description or product code or click All and choose it from the list. You can modify the quantity, and the selling price if it's modifiable. When you complete the quote click Save. After you save the quote you can create an order by clicking the order button to request the product be reserved or ordered on a PO, or, if some or all of the products are in stock, you can create an invoice by clicking the invoice button, which transfers all the products on the quote to an invoice. You can remove any products the customer won’t be purchasing, if they change their mind. To print product images on the quote, click the Options tab and select an image size.

3. Take a deposit

If a customer wants to pay a deposit on a quote, click the Deposit tab. They can use different payment methods can be used alone or in combination. You can't take a deposit on a quote for a walk in customer. Deposits appear as credits on a customer’s file, and can be applied in whole or in part on any future invoice. After a deposit is applied to a quote, the printed document reflects the payment and is a proof for the customer’s records. There is a setting in the Company setup panel that can enable balances owing after deposits are applied to be printed with the quote, order, or SRO.

Quote actions available from the Action gear

Open customer Opens the customer record
Open selected product Opens the item record
Duplicate Duplicates the quote
Apply discount Applies a dollar or percent discount to the quote
Update sell and cost Updates the selling price or cost of any products on the quote if they have changed
Post payments Posts any payments (deposits) made on the quote. This is necessary if you're doing accounting exports.
Convert to SRO Creates an SRO, adding the products on the quote
Print packing slip Lets you select which products to use for a full-page packing slip
Email Creates an email for the customer
Schedule iCal event Accesses iCal to create an appointment for the customer on the quote
Link this document Creates a link between the quote and another document
Add to parking Adds the quote to the next available parking space
Show in log Opens the OnSite log displaying the history of the quote, including edits and users who modified the quote
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