Advanced Reporting 2.0 FAQs

Getting started

How do I sign up?

To sign up for Advanced Reporting, if you do not already have an Advanced Reporting subscription, can call our Sales team (866-932-1801) to add it to your account. Then you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to complete the account sign-up.

What version of OnSite do I need?

Advanced Reporting 2.0 requires Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.1 or later.

I'm currently using Advanced Reporting 1.0. How do I upgrade to 2.0?

If you are use Advanced Reporting 1.0, you will receive an email from Lightspeed Product Management with:

  • your activation link
  • how to enable the Advanced Reporting data uploader in OnSite
  • the new Advanced Reporting 2.0 login URL
  • your personal login credentials

After you log in to Advanced Reporting 2.0, we automatically disable your 1.0 account. When you upgrade to Advanced Reporting 2.0, you need to re-create your users.

What browsers can I use?

Advanced Reporting is best viewed on a Mac OS X computer or mobile device running the newest version of one of the following Web browsers. Accessing Advanced Reporting from a mobile device, such as an iPhone, gives you access to the Advanced Reporting dashboard only.

On a Mac OS X computer or iPad you can use Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

On an iPhone you can use Safari.

How do I enable the data uploader?

The Advanced Reporting Uploader pushes your OnSite sales data to your Advanced Reporting account. The Uploader must be enabled for you to use Advanced Reporting 2.0. When activation of your account, perform these steps for each store (Lightspeed OnSite server computer) that’s linked to your Advanced Reporting account:

  1. Log in to Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.1.
  2. Go to Tools > Advanced Reporting.
  3. Enable the Advanced Reporting Uploader switch.

Is port forwarding required?

No. Advanced Reporting 2.0 uses the new built-in Uploader within Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.1 to push your sales data to the Advanced Reporting tool.

Can I disable port forwarding when I upgrade to 2.0?

Yes. After you upgrade to Advanced Reporting 2.0, you can disable port forwarding on your network, as it is no longer required.


How can I access Advanced Reporting when I'm not in my store?

Open a web browser on any device, go to and log in with your Advanced Reporting username and password.

What devices can I use?

Advanced Reporting 2.0 was created to be responsive, so it works on any computer monitor or tablet regardless of the operating system. You can also log in using your mobile device to view your dashboard.


Can I add additional users to my account?

You can add as many users to your account as required at no extra cost. To give a new user access to your account, go to Settings > Create User in the Company Users section. Enter their email address (username) and select the permission type. An email will be sent to them automatically with their password and the Advanced Reporting login URL.

Can I restrict what information users can access?

Yes. There are currently two permission types for users: Admin/Manager and User. The User type grants access to the Lookups page only, while the Admin/Manager type grants access to all reports/ functionality. Lookup data does not include cost, margins or profit – making it perfect for front-of-house operations.

I have a new store. How do I link it to my account?

Advanced Reporting is a yearly fee per store. To add a new store to your account, call our Sales team (866-932-1801) to get it set up. After the new store is activated for your account, enable the data uploader in OnSite at Tools > Advanced Reporting for the store.


How long will my first data upload take?

Depending on the amount of data, the initial upload can take anywhere between a few hours and a few days. The system uploads all historical data before the most recent information. To verify the uploaded information, go to the Lookups page at any time and sort by date.

How long does it take for new data to upload after the initial upload?

After the initial upload, new data is automatically uploaded within ten minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection.

What does the Sell data represent?

Sell is the selling price of the item at the time of sale.

What does the Cost data represent?

Cost is the cost of the item at the time of sale.

I have a great idea that I'd like to see implemented. Who can I contact?

We welcome any and all feedback. To share your thoughts with us, click Feedback at the top of the Advanced Reporting screen to submit your ideas.

I deleted an invoice in OnSite but I'm still seeing it in Advanced Reporting

Currently, all invoices are uploaded to Advanced Reporting. After an invoice is uploaded it remains in Advanced Reporting. To prevent reporting errors you should always void invoices in OnSite instead of deleting them.

Does Advanced Reporting support multiple currencies?

Advanced Reporting currently supports the dollar ($) currency format only.


Why am I getting a Task failed error message in the data uploader?

This error message is displayed if your computer is unable to connect to the Advanced Reporting servers. If you get this error message, ensure that you have an Advanced Reporting subscription and that you’re running Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.1. If you need additional help contact our Support team at 866-932-1801.

My sales numbers are incorrect. What should I do?

First verify that your data is up to date by going to the Lookups page and clicking Invoices > Search. Verify the data to ensure that all your invoices are there. It can take up to five minutes for new invoices to appear. If all invoices are listed, use the Feedback button at the top of the Advanced Reporting screen to let us know.

How can I reset my password?

If you don’t remember your password or want to reset it go to, click Forgot Password, and then enter your username email address. A password reset email will be sent to you.

How can I change my password?

Log in to Advanced Reporting at Click your name at the top of the screen, and then click My Settings. Click Edit, enter your new password, and then click Change Password.

The hours in the Sales per Hour dashboard graph are incorrect. How do I fix it?

If your sales information is incorrect in the Sales by Hour graph, verify the store’s time zone on the Settings page. Click the Edit button for a store to modify the time zone.

I need further help. Who should I contact?

Contact our Support team at 866-932-1801 for any concerns or questions. 

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