About Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting is a paid add-on for OnSite. It's a powerful cloud-based tool for deep retail analysis across any number of store locations that you can access from anywhere through a web browser.

With Advanced Reporting you can:

  • get a quick-view graphical snapshot of current and historical sales data
  • quickly look up product, customer, invoice, and gift card information across all of your stores
  • compare product and store performance
  • generate sales reports by products, customers, and payment methods
  • generate detailed End of Day reports

Advanced Reporting requirements

  • Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.1
  • Mac OS X computer iPad with the most recent version of Chrome, Safari or Firefox
  • iPhone with the most recent version of Safari. Using Advanced Reporting on a mobile device, such as an iPhone gives you access to the Advanced Reporting Dashboard only.
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