Using the Linea Pro sled

You can use an iPod Touch or iPhone with the Linea Pro sled model that fits it.

  1. Remove the smaller top section from the larger bottom section of the Linea Pro sled.
  2. Slide the iPod Touch or iPhone into the larger bottom section until it fits firmly in place.
  3. Fit the clip of the top section into the corresponding slot of the bottom section, and click it into place.

Troubleshooting Linea Pro sled battery charging

If your Linea Pro sled for use with iPhone or iPod touch appears not to be charging:

  1. Ensure the battery is inserted correctly and that the battery pins match the inside of the unit.
  2. Ensure the device has been charged using the appropriate charger cable connected to your Mac.
  3. If the battery is correctly installed and the device has been left to charge, contact Lightspeed Support to diagnose the issue.
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