Setting up multi-stores

Before you set up your stores:

  • Ensure you're running the most recent version of OnSite prior to enabling Multi-Store.
  • All stores must be running the same version of OnSite.
  • Make sure your firewall is configured to allow access to OnSite.
  • Setting up Multi-Store requires network connectivity between your stores so that the OnSite Servers at each of your locations can exchange information. We recommend that you use a virtual private network (VPN) with two-factor authentication for connectivity between stores. Lightspeed is not able to provide network setup or configuration assistance for reasons of PCI compliance. Contact your Lightspeed reseller or network technician if you need network assistance.

To set up your Multi-Stores

  1. In OnSite go to Tools > Setup > Advanced > Multi-StoreSetup and select Enable Multi-Store.
  2. Give your store a unique Store Code, such as BKN or AUST and click Save.

  3. If you want your Store Codes to appear on your Document IDs, select Use Store Codes on Document IDs.

  4. Choose which location will be your Master Store. The Master Store is used for Replication, and is the database used to create or update products in other locations. To make a store the Master Store, select Master Store and click Save.
    Important: You can have only one Master Store, and it cannot be changed after a replication has been performed. Changing the Master Store prevents the Multi-Store connection from functioning properly.

  5. Choose the fields to match on. Product Code is a good choice if all of your product codes are unique. If not, choose a combination that will be unique to one product.

  6. Click the Stores tab and click Add Store.
  7. Enter the store name, the static server IP of the store you’re adding, for example, 204.543.23.87:9632, where 9632 is the port that allows access to the database on the server. and the username and password to log in. Click Save.
  8. Select the features you want enabled.
Active store Clear this only if you want the store to be skipped or ignored
Inventory Look Up Select this to check the store's inventory levels
Gift Card Look Up Select this to permit redeeming a gift card that was created or sold at another of your stores
Returns Select this to enable returning merchandise to this store that was bought at another store
Registered This read-only setting indicates that the store password is linked, using an encrypted secure token, to the store you are currently logged into. This ensures communication between stores when store passwords are changed. If a store is not registered, you must register it to maintain the connection when a password change occurs. See Troubleshooting Multi-Store passwords for more information.
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