Refunding funds to a gift card

If your store does not offer cash refunds and you don't want to keep a store credit on file, you can offer the customer a gift card for the balance of their refund. If a customer is returning only some items from the initial sale, you may need to remove those items from the return invoice before adding the gift card product.

  1. Generate a return invoice.
  2. Add a gift card product to the return invoice.
  3. Modify the selling price of the gift card.
    For example, if the total to refund is −26.75, make the gift card’s selling price 26.75. Note any tax that would be calculated on returning products and include that in the selling price of the gift card. The value of the gift card balances out the negative number of the refund (–26.75 + 26.75 = 0.00).
  4. Proceed to checkout, or in the Browser, click Save.
    You are prompted to activate a gift card serial number. The refund total is balanced by the selling price of the gift card and the Invoice is marked Paid at $0.00.
  5. Print a receipt and complete the transaction.
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