Creating promotional gift cards

Offering a promotional gift card in OnSite requires that you sell the gift card to activate its serial number and balance. To make sure that you are not left with an owing invoice, we recommend that you pay for the gift card with a payment method for promotions, write-offs and giveaways.

  1. In OnSite go to Tools > Setup > Basics > Payment Methods.
  2. Click New and name the payment method something appropriate, such as Promo or Store Payment.
  3. Set the type to Store Card. This is a generic payment method type that prompts you for a store card number when processing a payment. You can disregard this field or enter a helpful note when offering a promotional gift card.
  4. If you export to QuickBooks or MYOB/AccountEdge, set the GL account to the one you use for write-offs or promotions. You can see the list of your GL accounts at Tools > Setup > Advanced > GL Accounts. You may wish to check with your bookkeeper or accountant for confirmation.
  5. Click Save.
  6. In the POS or Browser, add the gift card product to a sale in order to activate the serial number and balance.
  7. Pay for the gift card using the payment method you created. Enter a note in the store card number field if you like.

The gift card can now be given to the customer. You can activate several gift cards at once if you want to offer a number of promotional gift cards, for example during an in-store event.

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