Creating new payment methods

When you set up OnSite you defined the payment methods available to your customers. You can create additional payment methods if you want to offer additional payment methods such as Discover Card.

  1. In OnSite go to Tools > Setup > Basics > Payment Methods.
  2. Click New and name the new payment method.

  3. Choose the payment method type carefully. Use the credit card type for all payment methods that are processed by OnSite’s integrated credit card processing, including through a supported payment terminal for pin-based debit. Use the debit type only if you have no integrated credit card processing configured in OnSite. Be aware that debit payments made outside the software need to be recorded for reporting purposes. If you cannot determine which type to use, the Store Card type can be used as a generic payment method.

  4. If you export OnSite data to your accounting package, choose a GL account. You can verify with your bookkeeper or accountant what this entry should be.

  5. Choose how many receipt copies to print after a sale using this payment method and whether to open the cash drawer.

  6. Save the payment method before closing the setup panel.

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