About customers

With OnSite you can turn customers into repeat buyers with a few simple steps.

Find out who your top buyers are: Run an Intelligence report to see who your top customers are by profit, margin and revenue. And find out who your best 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200 customers are. Find out their preferences and buying habits and target them for rewards such as a loyalty program or discounts. Continue the in-store relationship online with your web store, through social media, chat and email. This cements your brand identity and gives you other channels for delighting your customers.

Earn not only their love but their loyalty: With Customer cards you can view purchase histories, and note their special preferences. You can create promotions for things that are relevant to them. And when you know your customers’ tastes, preferences, and what they care about you can suggest companion products. This attention and respect can create a lasting relationship with a customer that makes you their merchant of choice.

Treat your special customers right! Create categories for the types of customers you want to give discounts or special pricing levels to, such as educators, designers and any other customer type you want to create. Associate each type with a discount or pricing level and the savings will be applied automatically to their purchases.

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