Running backups

Run regular OnSite backups to protect your business data. To keep your information safe, you should also back up before you upgrade, make batch changes, or import from a spreadsheet. We recommend that you have an external backup device or offsite backup strategy to protect the contents of your Mac, including your OnSite backups. Contact a Lightspeed reseller for more information.

To set your energy saver settings for backups

Make sure that your OnSite server is powered on and not asleep when scheduled backups are set to run as this can prevent your backup from completing successfully. Tell your staff not to switch off the Mac before leaving if you run scheduled backups overnight.

  1. On your OnSite server from the Apple menu click System Preferences > Energy Saver.

  2. Set Computer Sleep to Never.

To set up scheduled backups

  1. On your OnSite server from the Apple menu click System Preferences > Lightspeed Server.
  2. Click the padlock at the bottom of the window and click the Backup tab.
  3. By default OnSite backs up every day at 11:00 P.M. To change the days when OnSite backs up, from Run Scheduled Backups make a selection.

  4. To run additional scheduled backups each day, click the + button and choose a time. You can run up to four backups a day.

    File prefix

    By default files are labeled with OnSite Server and the time and date the backup was generated. You can change the file prefix so that backups are labeled with the name of your store, for example A&G Knitting Co. This can help identify your backups if you archive backups for multiple stores.


    By default OnSite backs up to Macintosh HD/Users/Shared/Lightspeed. Changing the location is recommended for advanced users only. To back up to a non-default location you may need to modify file permissions to give the OnSite Server user account read and write access to that folder or volume. Lightspeed Support is not responsible for data loss incurred through file system issues or external drive failure.

    Include photos

    If you do not select Include product photos, product and customer photos are excluded from backups. Do not clear this setting unless you are advised to do so by Lightspeed Support. Restoring from a backup that doesn't include photos can require you to add photos again.

Note: If you are running OnSite 3.0–3.6.8 you configure backups from Tools > Utilities > Backup Database, in the Schedule tab.

To run a manual backup

  1. In OnSite go to Tools > Utilities > Backup Database.
  2. Click Backup and wait for the backup to finish.

You can also do a manual backup and set other backup configuration from Apple > System Preferences > Lightspeed Server > Backup tab.

To back up OnSite 2

To manually back up your database

In OnSite go to Tools > Utilities > Backup Database.This creates a copy of your database in Macintosh HD/Library/OpenBase/Backup.

To set hourly backups

  1. On the Apple menu click System Preferences > OpenBase > Backup.
  2. Make sure Enable Incremental Backups is selected.
  3. Do not modify the file path /Users/Shared/OpenBase/Backups.

Each hour, the file at this location will be updated.

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