Doing lookups

Quickly look up product, invoice, gift card and customer information across all of your stores. You can filter by store and other criteria depending on the lookup category.

  1. On the Lookups screen, click the lookup category: Products, Invoices, Gift Cards, Customers.
  2. Filter your search and click Search.

Filtering categories

  • Store: Select as many or as few stores as you wish for your search using the Store list.
  • Category Filter: Every category has a predefined list of filters that you can use for your search.
  • Search term: Enter a partial or complete term for your search based on the selected category filter. You can search for all products, invoices, gift cards, or customers in the selected store(s) by leaving the search field blank.

Sorting and additional information

Once your lookup results are populated, you can sort them by clicking the blue column headings. Advanced Reporting also provides the following additional information by clicking the blue elements within the search results.


Click a product code to view these details:

  • Product Code
  • Product Description
  • Supplier
  • Family
  • Class
  • Quantity on hand, coming for stock, and Sell Price values for each store.


Click an Invoice ID to view these details:

  • Customer
  • Payment details
  • Detailed item list

Gift Cards

Click a Gift Card Serial No. to view these details:

  • Invoice ID (click the Invoice ID to view the customer, payment details, and a detailed item list)
  • Original gift card amount
  • Previous gift card amount
  • Remaining balance


Click an email address to send the customer an email using your default email application, or Click a Customer ID to view these details:

  • Transaction history
  • Invoice IDs (click an Invoice ID to view the customer, payment details, and a detailed item list)
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