Creating custom product labels

Creating custom layouts for Avery label sheets is not supported in OnSite.

  1. In OnSite StoreMaster on the Tools Print Product Labels.
  2. Click the Design button.
  3. In the Custom Labels window click New.
  4. Select the printer and size for your custom label. Make sure the label is set to print in Landscape orientation.
  5. Name the label and click OK. The Layout Designer appears with a grid view representing the label dimensions you selected.
  6. Select a field from the list at the top of the Layout Designer window and click Add Field.
  7. Position and the field to your liking by clicking and dragging it. Resize the field by clicking to select it and dragging its corners.
  8. When you're done click Save.
  9. Add another field and repeat the process. The recommended fields include C39 barcode, Selling Price, and Description. You can also include Product Code, Class, or Family, depending on your needs.
  10. To add a graphic to your label, choose Graphic from the list, and click Add Field. Drag a 256 x 256 pixel JPEG into the slide-out tray. Resize the field and click Save.

Your Custom label now appears in the Label Size list. Select it before printing. Do a print preview to check the label before printing any actual labels.

Troubleshooting errors with custom labels

Try this if you have any problems creating custom product labels.

  1. Check that the drivers for your DYMO printer are correctly installed.
  2. In OnSite StoreMaster on the Tools menu click Print Product Labels > Design and click New.
  3. Choose the label type and select landscape orientation. Name the label when prompted.
  4. In the Label Designer window, begin creating a new custom label field by field. Add a field, position and resize it, then click Save. Return to the Print Product Labels window and print or preview a test.
  5. If the results are as expected, return to the Label Designer window and add another field. Continue adding fields, saving, and previewing until you have isolated a problem field or achieved your desired layout.
  6. If you add a graphic to your custom label check that the boundaries of the graphic field are within the label layout. Save your design and print or preview a test label to see how the graphic will appear when printed.
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