About OnSite Mobile POS

End-of-life Notice for Mobile App: The Lightspeed OnSite Mobile App is no longer available in Apple's App Store. The Mobile App will continue to function on iPod/iPhone devices running IOS 8 or earlierif you have it installed. The iPad App is still available in the App Store and will continue to be supported by Lightspeed.

With the OnSite Mobile POS app an iPod Touch or iPhone is transformed into a point of sale that connects to your Lightspeed OnSite Server database.

With Lightspeed OnSite Mobile POS you can:

  • make sales by creating invoices
  • process credit card payments and take signatures if you must integrated credit card processing activated in OnSite)
  • hand off a sale to OnSite POS to process cash payments or other payment types
  • email receipts or print them to a Star TSP receipt printer connected to your OnSite server
  • perform a live inventory look-up.
  • With the optional Linea Pro sled, you can extend the capability of OnSite Mobile POS. The Linea Pro is a case enclosure for iPod Touch and iPhone with integrated barcode scanner and card swipe.


  • iPod Touch 2G and higher or iPhone 4 and higher. The optional Linea Pro sled currently supports only iPod Touch 2G–4G and iPhone 4 or 4S.
  • the current version of OnSite Mobile POS requires OnSite for Mac 3.6 or later. Check the requirements on App store before upgrading OnSite Mobile POS to confirm compatibility.
  • OnSite must be accessible on a Wi-Fi network.

Using OnSite Mobile POS outside your store

If you want to connect to your OnSite Server from outside your store or through the cellular network, we recommend configuring a virtual private network (VPN) for secure access to your data. For reasons of PCI compliance, Lightspeed Support is unable to assist with network configuration. Contact a Lightspeed reseller If you need help configuring a VPN.

User Licenses and Lightspeed OnSite Mobile POS

OnSite licensing is based on concurrent users, whether logged in from OnSite for Mac, OnSite Mobile POS, or OnSite POS for iPad. For example, purchasing OnSite with a three-user license allows three users to log in concurrently from any combination of devices (three Macs, or two Macs and one iPod Touch, or three iPads). User licenses are not tied to one device, so logging out of a device frees up the license so that you can log in from another device.

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