Working with timesheets

With timesheets you can track the time for jobs and tasks within jobs. For example, during a day a user can complete a job and begin another. To do this, they create a new entry on their timesheet by clicking the New button. Another line appears as the first entry continues to count time. Clicking Start simultaneously stops the first entry and begins the new one.

A user can simultaneously run run several timesheets. If they want to run two timesheets concurrently, they click the Timesheet icon a second time, rather than clicking the New button within a Timesheet.

To create a new timesheet

  1. On the OnSite toolbar click the Timesheet icon.
  2. Choose the user for the timesheet. A password may be required if the user you choose is not the one currently logged in.
  3. For Job Code, choose an open job to work on or leave the default as General. If you choose a job, you can also choose a sub-task within the job.
  4. To start logging time for the job, click the green Start button.
  5. You can manually adjust the start and stop times by clicking them and setting the time that is logged.
  6. To begin a new entry, click the New button. The current job is stopped and a new one is created.
  7. To create a note for a timesheet, click the Notes tab, enter the note and click Save.

To run a Timesheet report

  1. Go to Tools > Report Master and filter on Timesheets.
  2. Select the report you want to run. Set your date range, and either preview or print the results.

Users can check their timesheets by going to File > Print User Reports > Timesheets, choosing a date range and clicking Run. From here they can preview or print their timesheet.

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