Updating product costs

You can add new product costs or update the existing ones in OnSite without having to delete and re-enter your products. Updating costs is helpful for products that are in your database and you're importing a supplier catalog or new price sheet.

Updating your products can modify the cost average of existing inventory, or change non-default supplier costs to the default cost. When you update costs you import the supplier, supplier code and cost, in addition to the field you’re matching on. Make sure you import these fields because not doing so results in an incorrect value replacing the supplier code for the cost being modified.

To update product costs

  1. Back up your data.
  2. Prep a spreadsheet that includes the field you want to match on, usually product ID, and supplier, supplier code and cost.
  3. In OnSite StoreMaster click Tools > Import > Products.
  4. From Options choose Update Costs matching on Product ID. Product ID is the recommended field to match on because it is unique for each product.
  5. Click Open File and browse to the spreadsheet you created.
  6. Click the Action gear and choose Deselect All. Drag & drop the product ID, supplier, supplier code and cost.
  7. Click Omit This Record if your file has headers.
  8. Click Import.
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