Refunding a gift card balance for cash

Use this procedure if you want a customer to take cash for a gift card’s remaining balance, for example if a customer has $1.00 remaining on a gift card and you don't want to retain small gift card liabilities.

Refunding a gift card involves:

Creating a gift card refund product

You must create a special product to redeem the gift card. You can check to see if this product has been created before proceeding.

  1. In OnSite StoreMaster go to File > New Product and create a new product.
  2. Give it a product code that describes this product, for example Gift Card Refund.
  3. Set the class to the same as your gift card product if you have classes for gift cards or misc. If you do not have a class for these products you can create one at Tools > Setup > Products > Classes.
  4. Set the tax status to No Tax.
  5. Clear the Inventoried checkbox.
  6. Select the Editable Selling Price checkbox.
  7. Save the product card.

To refund a gift card balance for cash

  1. In OnSite StoreMaster verify the balance of the gift card at Tools > Gift Cards.
  2. In StoreMaster create a new invoice.
  3. Add the Gift Card Refund product and give it a selling price corresponding to the gift card’s balance.
  4. Save the invoice and go to the Payments tab.
  5. Click the Gift Card payment method and enter the serial number of the gift card.
  6. Save the invoice.
  7. Click Return to generate a return Invoice.
  8. Save the return invoice and process a cash refund.
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