Setting up tills

Tills are a way to keep track of the payments taken by a sales station, and can be joined and left periodically by the employees who transact invoices. At the end of a shift or the end of a day, these tills can be closed and reconciled, based on the ending totals for each payment method compared to beginning totals.

In OnSite you can decide whether you want to absorb any overages/shortages between the estimated and actual totals in your till. For example, if the beginning till is $100 and the cash total in OnSite shows that you took in $100, but the ending till is only $190, the difference is $10. If you want the Till to remain constant at $100 for the next day, you can choose to short your deposit by $10. Or if you want the funds for deposit to equal the estimated deposit, you can choose to short your till, and make $90 your ending till total.

When it is active, a till records the payments entered into Lightspeed, and adds them to the beginning total recorded when the till was created.

Leaving a till does not close it, and it can later be rejoined, as in the case of a clerk leaving a sales station with their till for a break, and then rejoining the sales station with their till.

Reconciling a till closes the till. The payments window is displayed, where you enter the actual, or counted, totals for each method of payment. Ideally, your counted totals match your expected totals, but you can have discrepancies between these numbers, which can affect your closing till. You can show cash and check totals separately by clicking the Enter Count button. After you enter your totals, on the Payments window click OK and you can either print or preview the overview of the till, including the cash and checks to deposit, as well as the other methods of payment taken into the till.

If you have till discrepancies for your check or credit card totals, we advise that you cross-reference with other payment methods to determine if the wrong payment method was chosen in Lightspeed, and then modify the type of payment method in Lightspeed for the transaction. For cash discrepancies that are verified as actual overages or shortages in cash taken in, you can either short the till or the deposit.

To set up a till

  1. In OnSite StoreMaster on the Tools menu click Setup > Basics > Company, click the Tills tab and select Enable Tills Feature.
  2. On the Tools meny click Tills > Open Tills.
  3. Click the New button, enter the opening balance of the till and click OK.

A message appears asking if you want to join the till. Only one till can be active at any time, and a till must either be left or reconciled before another one can be joined or activated.

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