OnSite to eCom product attribute mappings

The following table lists the product attributes in OnSite that are mapped to equivalent fields in eCom. 

Product matrices

OnSite  eCom  Notes
Size Size  
Color Color  

Product information and settings

OnSite  eCom  Notes
Sell Online N/A If enabled, OnSite will upload the product to eCom.
Web Short Description Title If Web Short Description is not defined, product Description is uploaded as the Title and Full title.
Web Short Description Full Title   
Web Long Description Description If Web Long Description is not defined, Web Short Description is uploaded as the Description.
Ignore Content  
Product Code Article Code If the Description, Web Short Description, and Web Long Description fields are all blank, Product Code is uploaded as the Title, Full Title, and Description.
UPC Barcode, SKU  

Product inventory settings 

OnSite  eCom  Notes
Inventory Available Quantity  
Web Price Price If Web Price is not defined, Selling Price is used instead. Otherwise, Selling Price is uploaded as Old Price.
Cost Product Cost  
Length/Width/Height Dimensions  
Weight Weight  

Product images 

OnSite  eCom  Notes
Photo(s) Images  
N/A Re-upload Photo on next update If enabled, OnSite will re-upload the photo upon the next refresh to eCom.

Supplier information 

OnSite eCom Notes
Name  Title  

Category information 

OnSite eCom Notes
Categories Web Category Primary  
Categories (as a sub-category) Web Category Secondary  
Categories (as a sub-category to a sub-category) Web Category Tertiary  

Brand information

OnSite eCom Notes
Family Title  

Customer data

OnSite eCom Notes
First Name First Name  
Last Name Last Name  
Email Email  
Billing Address1 Billing Address1  
Billing Address2 Billing Address2  
Billing City Billing City  
Billing State Billing Region   
Billing Zip Billing Zipcode  
Billing Country Billing Country  
Shipping Address1 Shipping Address1  
Shipping Address2 Shipping Address2  
Shipping City Shipping City  
Shipping State Shipping Region  
Shipping Zip Shipping Zipcode  
Shipping Country Shipping Country  

Invoice data

OnSite eCom Notes
information displayed in the Notes field of the order Order Number  
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