Using OnSite keyboard shortcuts

Become a power user with these time-saving keyboard shortcuts. Streamline commonly-used functions, make sales faster, and have more time to devote to running your business.

OnSite POS

F1 Search Product Mode or Payment Method 1
F2 Search Customer Mode or Payment Method 2–8
F3 Search Document Mode
F4 Jump to search
F5 Cancel search
F6 Toggle Walk-In/Customer
F7 Log out
F8 Toggle tax codes
F13 Exit POS or Go Back
F14 Start POS Over or New
F15 Notes
F16 Check out or Print


Command-; Spell check
Command-= Time and user stamp
Command-’ Phrases
Command-Click (on date) Edit document date

OnSite menu

Command-, Trackers setup
Command-H Hide OnSite
Command-Option-H Hide others
Command-Q Quit

File menu

Command-K New quote
Command-R New SRO
Command-I New invoice
Command-Shift-C New customer
Command-Shift-P New product
Command-W Close window
Command-N Log into POS
Command-S Save
Command-/ Open cash drawer
Command-P Print
Command-Shift-Q Change user

Edit menu

Command-X Cut
Command-C Copy
Command-V Paste
Command-A Select all
Command-Shift-L Link document
Command-Shift-D Apply discount
Command-F Find
Command-Shift-I iStats setup

Tools menu

Command-Option-I Intelligence
Command-Option-R Reporting
Command-Shift-I iStats
Command-Shift Web Store

Window menu

Command-M Minimize window
Command-' Cycle through windows
Command-T Hide/show toolbar
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