Refunding a web order

To refund a web order from your online store, you refund the payment in the virtual terminal provided by your eCommerce merchant account. Contact your merchant account provider if you need login information. Because the payment was processed online through your eCommerce account, it cannot be refunded through the Lightspeed POS, which uses a Retail/Card Present account. However, we recommended that you process a refund, recording who processed the refund and why, to ensure record-keeping for refunds and returns in OnSite is accurate.

  1. Process the refund in your merchant provider’s virtual terminal and record the authorization or reference number.
  2. In OnSite locate the web order to be refunded.
    • If its status is Invoiced click the Linked tab next to Status in the lower left of the Order window and click the Invoice ID.
    • If its status is not Invoiced click the Invoice button to generate an invoice. Save it, go to the Payments tab and apply credit to the invoice.
  3. On the invoice click Return and confirm that you want to generate the return invoice.
  4. Click the Payments tab and select the payment method to refund, usually Web Payment.
  5. Enter the authorization or reference number you received from your merchant provider.
  6. Optionally, click the Notes tab and record the reason for the refund in the Internal Notes tab.
  7. Save the invoice.
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