About products

The products in your OnSite inventory are represented by product cards where you can specify the product properties. The product card is where you set up a product's suppliers, cost, inventory trail and levels and statuses, where you select and categorize products to be sold on Web Store, and where you set the general ledger accounts you use for your accounting exports.

Types of products in OnSite

Inventoried A product that can be physically counted
Non-inventoried A product that represents a service such as shipping or labor
Serialized A product that tracks a unique serial number for each unit of inventory
Current A product that appears in searches whether or not it is in stock
Non-current A product that appears in StoreMaster or POS searches only when it's in stock
Master A product that represents a group of size-color combination products such as an article of clothing or a pair of shoes
Child A size-color combination product tied to a master product
Gift card A product that uses OnSite's gift card feature
Account entry A product that lets you set a one-time opening balance for legacy customers with outstanding balances
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